Welcome to CogBID Lab at the Department of Computing Science and Maths, of the School of Natural Science at the University of Stirling. CogBID Lab was formerly known as COSIPRA Lab, and was founded by Professor Amir Hussaiin in 2010, as part of the Cognitive Computation (CogComp) Research Group.

AIMS of CogBID Lab

  1. Lead multi-disciplinary research into Multi-modal Cognitive Big Data Informatics: To develop a deeper & more comprehensive unified understanding of brain’s cognitive Big Data capabilities:
    • perception, action, and attention;
    • learning and memory;
    • decision making and reasoning;
    • language processing and communication;
    • problem solving and consciousness; and social cognition
  2. Advance technology: Industry, commerce, robotics & many other areas are increasingly calling for creation of cognitive systems and machines, with multi-modal ‘cognitive’ Big Data analytic powers similar to those of ourselves, i.e.:
    • are able to ‘think’ for themselves & reach decisions on actions in a variety of ways;
    • are flexible, adaptive & able to learn from their own previous experience & of others around them;

For more information about the Lab and its background, see here

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